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Louise - Owner & French Teacher

After completing my bachelor's degree in Marketing in Lyon (2017), I left France to live abroad and improve my English. I spent a year in Australia before settling in Scotland - not the easiest place with the accent, I know). I had to use English in every interaction, in every situation, every day. I know how intimidating it is, and how frustrating it can be when you can’t quite keep up, or you make mistakes. One of my biggest accomplishments on my English learning journey was graduating with a Master's in Marketing from Edinburgh University. My travels and studies have taught me the value of mastering a foreign language, and now I’d like to help you do the same. Since launching my school in January 2021, I've helped students from all over the world to raise their level in real-world conversational French. Now, I've decided to focus a bit more on learners in bilingual relationships. Having seen my partner getting frustrated trying to understand and communicate with my family and friends, I thought it was time to help others in this situation!

It's Louise during a French lesson in-person in Edinburgh

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A 30-minute free trial allows us to get acquainted and get started on a lesson plan. We provide simple online booking for your convenience. Select an available booking slot from the calendar. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out prior to booking.

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  1. Tom


    Je m’appelle Tom et j’apprends le français depuis quelques années déjà. J’habite à Haymarket et je voudrais faire quelques cours privés pour améliorer mon niveau de français, surtout l’expression orale.

    Pouvez-vous me informer des prix et votre disponibilité.


    • Louise

      Bonjour Tom,

      Bien sûr 🙂 n’hésite pas à me contacter via mon adresse email louise@bonjour-frenchclasses. Nous pourrions en discuter là bas !

      Bonne journée,


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