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Do you want to test your level in French?

French Conversation Classes Online

Join our discussion classes to improve your French (for intermediate students)

Don't let your hard work in learning French go to waste!

Want to take your French to the next level?

The best way to improve your French is to practice, so why not do that in a fun and stress-free environment? We offer small online discussion group classes (maximum 4 people) designed to help you strengthen your conversational French. With Gabrielle giving you her full attention and offering guidance along the way, your speaking and listening skills are bound to improve!

Unlike a language learning app, there are no right or wrong answers… We’re just interacting in French, and getting better at French together. It’s a mixed intermediate level, so don’t worry, come as you are, it will be great!

Gain Confidence

Along with other learners facing the same challenges, you will grow in confidence both in speaking and listening.

Practice, pratice

We keep our classes intimate, ensuring everyone gets the attention they deserve. This means more speaking time for you!


The class is every Thursday at 5:30pm (UK time). Drop in available!

It's to for the French group classes

How does a French
discussion workshop work?

  • Prior to the class, you’ll receive an article or/and a video about a subject
  • You’ll review the material and consider your opinion about it
  • You’ll join other learners for a guided discussion and get expert tips and insights.


After the class, you’ll receive a document recapping some vocabulary and correctly structured sentences from the class.


The subject will be different each week and you’ll be able to submit suggestions for topics.

Do you want to test your level in French?

French Conversation Class Prices

Pay as you go
Single session
  • Online classes
  • Interesting subjects
  • Intermediate levels (A2 and above)
1 Month Package
4 hours
  • Online classes
  • Interesting subjects
  • Intermediate levels (A2 and above)

Student Testimonials

I currently study BA (Honours) Language Studies, I followed group discussion classes with the wonderful Louise very useful and fun! I now do regular lessons with Lara is fantastic and very supportive teacher, she helps me to be lucid in the most difficult moments and the lessons with her are very pleasant and never boring!
They are both very professional and attentive during and after the lesson. If I could, I gave more stars!

Anna learning French with Bonjour French Classes


Italian Student

Superb French tuition. Highly recommended. Very focused on what we want to achieve. Supportive and encouraging tuition to help us improve our French from a very basic level. We have had a lot of fun whilst learning.

It's Colin and Tracey- a French Students

Tracey & Colin

Scottish Students

Whatever reason you have for learning French, you will not find a better tutor than in Bonjour French Classes. Lessons tailored to your interests, utilising techniques that are fun and produce results. The progress I have made in 12 months is amazing.

Reviews-Kevin for his French classes


English Student

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