Corporate classes

Corporate French Classes

Empower your employees with personalised and flexible French classes online or in your premises

French course for businesses

Welcome to our French classes for business – where learning is all about your job. Our classes are custom-made for your field, no one-size-fits-all. And guess what? Unlike traditional approaches, no boring books here – we believe in an immersive and dynamic learning experience that directly applies to your professional context.

Our schedule? We get that work gets crazy, so we work around you. Our flexible scheduling ensures that your team can seamlessly integrate language learning into their busy workdays. Imagine learning French that actually makes sense for your team and your job – that’s what we’re all about. Our classes can be held online or at your business premises in Edinburgh, Dundee or the surrounding areas.

Ready to step up your business meeting? Join us, and let’s make learning French a whole lot less complicated and a whole lot more fun.

Flexible French classes

We offer short or long-term French courses, for individuals or groups. Class can be held online or on your premises, during the morning, lunchtime or after-work

New business opportunities

Expand your business into new international markets by offering essential skills of French business to your team

Personalised French classes

Whatever your field, we'll create useful classes for your domain of expertise, with important vocabulary and tips

Methodology for our French business course

Dive into a unique French learning experience designed exclusively for your business. Our methodology is all about real French that matters in your industry. We go beyond textbooks, focusing on practical skills and specialised vocabulary that directly apply to your work field. Whether you’re in finance, tech, or any other sector, our French classes are tailored to your expertise. Elevate your business communication skills with us, where every lesson is customised to meet your industry’s unique demands.

And here’s the best part – choose the setting that suits you. We offer classes online or right at your premises, giving you the flexibility to learn during the morning rush, lunch break, or even after work. Get ready to speak in French the language of your business with confidence and relevance!

How does it work?

1. Send us a message

2. Let's have a chat to plan the classes

3. Make your team happy with interesting French classes

Student Testimonials

Louise has helped me improve my level of French significantly, which has helped me in personal conversations and in business communications. I’ve been able to recommend her to clients requiring assistance for French language content delivery, and she always impresses.

A happy entrepreneur after learning French with Louise


Scottish Entrepreneur

I can safely say since beginning classes with Bonjour French classes my enjoyment of learning French has increased, I’m more confident and comfortable than I thought I could be without having to move to France.  The feedback Louise provides throughout the session is always the right amount to push you just beyond your current level but not overwhelm you. This has really helped me to consistently develop my French without feeling frustrated or getting down on myself. I would recommend anyone considering classes to try Bonjour. One of the most important considerations to maintaining a consistent practice at anything is being comfortable and keeping it fun! You will find both of those here.

It's Colin - a French Students


Scottish Student

Superb French tuition. Highly recommended. Very focused on what we want to achieve. Supportive and encouraging tuition to help us improve our French from a very basic level. We have had a lot of fun whilst learning.

It's Colin and Tracey- a French Students

Tracey & Colin

Scottish Students

Contact me to start or for any questions!

It's Louise during a French lesson in-person in Scotland


Je suis Louise

I created my French school in 2021 in Edinburgh. Since then, I’ve helped students from all over the world raise their level in real-world conversational French.

Now being really busy with my students, I decided to team up with awesome new teachers, and we’re all geared up to guide you on your language adventure!

Get ready for a fun and interesting journey into the world of French with us!

Bonjour French Classes:

👩🏻‍🏫 4 teachers

👩🏻‍💻+ 100 students from all over the world

🇫🇷 + 1000 French lessons given