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Gabrielle - French Teacher

I moved to Scotland a few years back after travelling around the country. At first I came to learn English, and then decided to stay as I became very fond of the country and its people. Although I studied English for many years, it took me several months to feel comfortable having a conversation with English native speakers. I felt shy and was very self-aware of my accent. As I was progressing, I understood more of the nuances of the language — and the sense of humour! So what about my credentials? After my first stint in Scotland, I went back to France for a year to do my Masters degree in language learning acquisition. I then came back to Edinburgh to complete a PGDE in French, and decided to stay. Currently, I'm teaching French in secondary school and tutoring for Bonjour. Languages have opened so many doors for me, and I would love to help you on your French journey.

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